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August 20, 2009 strip

Here it is. The very first Soup strip. A strip looking at the artwork of which inevitably makes me wince. Things... got better from here. A little.

Among the stupid decisions I made for this strip was to actually create fonts for the sound effects here. Yes, the "THUNK" in Panel 5 and the "SPLUT" in Panel 7 are actually words typed using two different custom fonts, called "Thunk" and "Splut" respectively. The idea, I suppose, was that when I needed similar sound effects in the future, I could just use those fonts again. This is not going to happen. There is no reason to use custom fonts for those sound effects, when (a) similar sound effects (that is, similar enough for me to want them to have exactly the same lettering style) would be needed infrequently enough, if ever, that there's no real reason not to just draw the letters anew each time (so far, in fact, in 279 more strips, I've never needed them again), and (b) even if I did want to do later sound effects in the same lettering style, actually, it would be better to draw them fresh to give them slight variation.

It wasn't quite as much wasted work as might be assumed, though, because I didn't go to all the trouble of creating complete new fonts with all 26 letters (let alone numbers and punctuation). In fact, I only created the letters I needed for this strip, figuring I'd fill in the other letters of the fonts as I needed them. Still... creating fonts for those sound effects really wasn't necessary...

Since Soup originally ran back in 2000 and was relaunched in 2009, at the time of its relaunch all the strips were already drawn through May 26, 2010 (originally May 26, 2000)—with the minor exception of two strips which were skipped over in the original run to be filled in later and weren't actually filled in until the relaunch (but were in fact filled in before the corresponding dates were reached after the relaunch). Furthermore, during the initial relaunch, there were no "news" posts on the first forty-eight strips (including this one); those weren't added until January 4. Hence the fact that some of these early "news" posts refer to (and even link to) future strips. In case you were wondering...

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